Nimvelo gives you the flexibility to brand your telephone line and answering service. By uploading sound files, you can greet your caller with a customised and branded message, play music while they wait, or deliver periodic marketing or support messages as they wait in a call queue.

Under Account > Sound Files, you can upload your own greetings and music. These files can then be used in menus, greetings and more.

Uploading a file

Nimvelo accepts any mp3 or wav file, providing it is no larger than 10MB in size. We recommend using mp3 where possible. Before uploading any file, please check that you have legal permission from the copyright holder.

To upload, you must first click Music or Prompt to tell Nimvelo what kind of file it is:

Music will be automatically played to callers when they are on hold

Prompt tells Nimvelo that your sound file is a spoken instruction, such as a choice in an IVR menu

Once your file has been uploaded, it appears in the list of sound files at the top of the page, and is available to use in relevant commands and menus in the dashboard.

The green button lets you download a file at any time, while the red trash can button deletes it.

Recording a file

Nimvelo lets you record voice prompts directly into the dashboard, bypassing the need to use audio recording software.

Click the red Start Recording button. Then, click Allow to switch on your microphone.

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