Our Google Chrome™ extension, Sipcentric - WorkflowMax Connector, can be used to enable screen-popping with WorkflowMax.

When you receive an incoming call to your Sipcentric extension this plug-in will search through all of your WorkflowMax clients and, if it finds a match, immediately display a notification with a button to open that client's record in WorkflowMax.

Getting started

To begin using the Sipcentric - WorkflowMax Connector, you will first need to obtain an API key and an account key from WorkflowMax. You can send a request for these keys from the contact page of the WorkflowMax website here.

Once you have these keys, simply download Sipcentric - WorkflowMax Connector from the Chrome Web Store, and follow the instructions to log in and get started.

After logging in, you will see the status of your connection to both the Sipcentric API and the WorkflowMax API.

If these connections are ever lost the extension will automatically try to reconnect (or you can press the reconnect button to retry manually).

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